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24 Hr Phone: 504-534-7504

Fax: 504-534-7508

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Venice is our main facility and is home to our largest crane on site.  This facility can handle loadouts, storage of tubulars, equipment, and supplies. Our 175 and 140 ton cranes handle the heavier of items and there is also a smaller 30-ton crane on the other end of the dock so we may accommodate two customers at once. A Terex HC80 highly mobile crane is available for offsite work with one of our experienced operators. Waste high pipe storage / testing racks are available for inspection and testing purposes, so there is no need to transport to a separate facility. We are also set up to handle 100+ Floatation Risers. Our experienced crew can handle it all. At present time we have the highest lift capacity in Venice up to 200,000 lbs.


This is a picture of one of the very 1st cranes in our fleet in 1959.

Plaquemines Parish Fair and Orange Festival in 2003

Facility Highlights:

·         24 Hour Mobile Crane Service

·         24 Hour Cred and Dispatcher

·         120 Vehicle lighted parking light

·         Vehicle loadout ramp wide enough to accommodate anything legal for highway

·         350’ of linear dock space

·         Pipe Storage Racks

·         Designated material staging area

·         Easy access by land and water

·         175-ton, 140-ton, 80-ton and 50-ton dock cranes

·         Inventory tracking with paper trail in and out of our possession

·         Fast, safe and efficient service

·         Short and long term storage

·         Customer dispatcher trailer space.